Data Quality Starts in the Field

Welcome to the Field Force Soil Services website.  We were established in 2018, and have over 24 years of experience in the agriculture industry.

Our trained staff can be on your field within days of an order.  We know the importance of a quality soil & plant-tissue samples, and follow standardized procedures to assure the most accurate & consistent samples for each sampling point and field.

We use high-end ATV and GPS technology to run boundaries and log sample point locations.

Take advantage of our experience & customer service to minimize the time & challenges of collecting soil or plant-tissue samples.

  • Regional coverage (strategically located resource for quick response / service for field pulling needs).

  • Field GPS boundaries (with high end satellite GPS receivers).

  • RTK GPS mapped boundaries (with RTK satellite GPS receivers) available.

  • Grid or zone sampling.  Soil sampling (following state advised depths / clients’ core requirements).

  • Nitrate Sampling (12” -18” depths).

  • Plant tissue sampling (following crop / plant collection guidelines).

  • Deep soil sampling (up to 24” depths).

  • Zone creation (work with client to upload 3rd party zones or create zones in I.F.A.R.M.).

  • Zone sampling (per client-placed sample points or random composited samples.

  • Sample drop-off to location(s) as directed by clients.

  • Staffing:  We field sample in 9 different states.  We staff up to meet the order demands, assuring our clients get the needed response and expertise to address their testing needs.

  • Expertise:  Field Force trains is personnel to follow strict collection protocol to assure labs receive the most accurate field samples possible.

  • Equipment:  Field Force uses high end ATVs, field computers and satellite equipment.  All receivers are sub-meter accuracy, plus we offer RTK receivers.

  • Diverse Services:  We can collect soil, soil nitrate samples; deep soil sampling; plant tissue samples (full plant, leaf, stalk).

  • Promptness:  We strive to be on a scheduled field within 2 to 3 days (weather permitting).

  • Consistency:  We aim to achieve the below goals for each and every job:
    – Responsiveness            – Affordability
    – Standardization            – Repeatability
    – Technical Expertise      – In-Field Experience
    – Quality Data                 – Client Communication